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Craft Gin with Hops

1 x 750ml
ZAR 280.00
ZAR 350.00
Boston Breweries has found the perfect way to enhance the signatory Juniper notes by distilling Boston Gin from our Rock Hoppa IPA. And we didn’t stop there. We added Amarillo Hops to the flavour basket during the final distillation and a twenty four hour infusion of mouth-watering botanicals - including coriander, Orris Root, Liquorice, Cardamom, and Angelica. Top this with separately distilled lemon, orange and grapefruit zests and you have a cleaner fragrant gin that invites experimentation. 43% ALC/VOL

33 Degrees South IPA

16 x 440ml
ZAR 322.40
ZAR 403.00
There’s a hint of spice on the nose, but toffee-like aromas dominate. A definite sweetness gives way to a pleasant and lingering creme brûlée like bitterness. This is malt and hops in perfect unison. 5% ALC/VOL

Black River Coffee Stout

16 x 440ml
ZAR 344.00
ZAR 430.00
Jet black with a toffee-coloured head, this is a beer for lovers of another kind of brew - a hot, caffeinated one. The aroma is coffee, coffee, coffee, with hints of roasted malt in the background. Lighter in body than some stouts, with carbonation that cleanses the palette after creamy foods. 5% ALC/VOL

Boston Premium Lager

16 x 440ml
ZAR 263.20
ZAR 329.00
There is a definite malty sweetness on the aroma of this full-flavoured Lager. A brazen, rounded maltiness gives this beer a great balance. A highly drinkable every day beer for every day food. 4% ALC/VOL

Gluten Free Boston Lager

16 x 440ml
ZAR 286.40
ZAR 358.00
Gluten levels in Boston Lager Gluten Free are substantially below the International Codex Gluten-Free standard of 20ppm or less. Gluten Free Boston Lager is brewed traditionally from Malted Barley, Hops and water. The enzyme Endopratotease is added before fermentation to hyrdolyze the gluten peptides, this neutralizing the Gluten. 4% ALC/VOL

Johnny Gold Weiss

16 x 440ml
ZAR 345.60
ZAR 432.00
It’s a light-style weissbier with the typical cloudy appearance for the style - straw coloured with a foamy white head. Bananas and bubblegum hit you on the nose and both flavors, plus a hint of cloves, appear upon the second sip. 5% ALC/VOL

Naked Mexican Gluten Out

16 x 440ml
ZAR 317.60
ZAR 397.00
The gluten has been reduced to below 20ppm giving you Naked Mexican Gluten Out

Naked Mexican Lager

16 x 440ml
ZAR 309.60
ZAR 387.00
A clear, golden Lager with a mild malty aroma. This crisp, dry beer is great for dousing the summer heat - or the heat from spicy foods. Try it with light dishes such as seafood and fish, or with spicy fare, including Mexican cuisine of course! 4.5% ALC/VOL

Rock Hoppa IPA

16 x 440ml
ZAR 344.00
ZAR 430.00
A golden amber brew boasting fresh granadilla on the nose and a lingering grapefruit-like finish. This highly sessionable IPA is the perfect intro to hops, lots and lots of hops. Named after the Rock Hoppa penguin, loud and arrogant, much like our beer. 5% ALC/VOL
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